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  • Permission To Give Yourself A Break

    Need a break from the chaos of life? Look no further than our “Permission to Give Yourself a Break” Notepad! With 50 sheets of self-care magic, each slip grants you official permission to relax, recharge, and prioritize your well-being. Stick ’em on your desk, fridge, or bathroom mirror for a daily reminder to take a breather. Share ’em with friends or keep ’em all to yourself—because you deserve it!

    Get your notepad now and let the guilt-free relaxation begin!

    Size: A6
    50 sheets

  • Permission to Have Some Fun  1,600.00

    Ready for a fun-filled escape from adulthood? Introducing the “Permission to Have Some Fun” Notepad! Packed with 50 sheets of pure joy, each slip grants official permission to lighten up, have a blast, and embrace your inner child. Stick ’em on fridges, mirrors, or bulletin boards for instant smiles and inspiration. Share ’em with your crew or keep ’em all to yourself—it’s your official permission to let loose and enjoy life to the fullest!

    Get yours now and let the fun begin!

    Size: A6
    50 pages

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