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  • Baby Book  3,000.00

    With the world moving away from hard copy memories, we want to remind people of the pleasures of keepsakes. The excitement of opening a book filled with memories from a time long gone. Holding pictures and notes that a loved one wrote just for you.

    Tiny & Mighty is the only baby memory journal that covers all of our traditions. With high quality printing and little pockets and enveloped to store the keepsakes, it is the best gift you can give yourself or a loved one!


    • Pregnancy highlights
    • Name options
    • About mama
    • About baba
    • About family
    • Sonogram
    • Baby shower
    • The day of the birth
    • Azaan
    • Ghutti
    • Hand and footprints
    • Homecoming
    • Aqiqa
    • The firsts
    • First Eid
    • Family tree
    • Letters from the parents

    Size: 10″x10″
    Delivery time: 3-4 working days

    Order your copy now!

    (Psst…it’s an awesome baby shower gift.)

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