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  • Couple Coupon Bookles  1,499.00

    The best way to tell your other half how much you love them.

    18 fun coupons filled with activities plus 3 wild cards for your own ideas.

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    Work with love
    Coworker Coupons  1,000.00

    These crewmate coupons are perfect for colleagues. The best way to make the work place fun. It includes 18 funny coupons; each card includes estimated date and time along with multiple choice, fill in the blank or other options.

    Disclaimer: Product Colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your device settings.

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  • Daily Baby Care Log  1,499.00

    You’ll love this! Here’s why this reusable baby care log keeps track of everything related to your new little love and helps you build a routine during moments when you don’t even know what time it is or what day it is! It is great for working mothers. Give it to the babysitter/daycare and know about everything that happened while you were gone.

    The tracker is embedded in a frame with a light glass cover to write on with an erasable marker/pen. Erase it to reuse it the next day!

    Size: 7″x 9″


    Psst…the reduced price is only for preorders and will only be there for a short while. Take advantage of it!

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    Baby memory book
    Double-Minded Deal  5,000.00

    Inspired from moms who  bought the book for a friend and instead kept it for themselves.

    With the Double-Minded deal there is something in it for everymom.

  • Good Vibes Journal  2,000.00

    Mindfulness (al-muraqabah) in Islam is a spiritual state in which a believer is conscious of the awareness of Allah SWT over his inward states and outward actions. Mindfulness promotes mental health

    The 12 Month Mindful Journal, Good Vibes, is not just a planner, but a reflection journal dedicated to self-care. It has inspirational quotes, art therapy, journaling techniques, and mindfulness activities that help you quieten the external and internal noise by inviting yourself to take time out every week to think, reflect, appreciate, feel, and be grateful.

    Size: A5
    Paper: 90gsm matt laminated
    Pages: 180

  • Islamic Planner Stickers  1,299.00

    Do you love planning or are someone who is looking to be more organised? These stickers are perfect for you!

    The Islamic journaling sticker sheets have 54 stickers.

    Size is roughly A6.

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    Self help planners
    Mindful - Deal 1  900.00

    What it includes:

    2 self-help planners

    Size A5

    Pages: 50 tear-off sheets (each)

  • -25%Limited
    Meal planner and masla decider
    Mindful - Deal 2  900.00

    What it includes:

    2 planners

    Size: 8.66″ x 4.33″

    Pages: 50 tear-off sheets (each)

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    Mindful notepads
    Therapy pad
    Mindful - Deal 3  600.00

    What it includes:

    Get 2 notepads of our choice. For specific ones mention your choices at checkout.

    Size: A6

    Pages: 50 tear-off sheets (each)

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    Ami Abu deal
    Mindful Mama Deal  3,700.00

    A lovely deal for moms that includes notepads for self-love, meal planner for the baby, and Tiny & Mighty baby memory journal for writing a story for your baby.

  • Minimalistic Affirmation Cards  750.00

    This set of 5 cards that contains positive thoughts you can tell to yourself everyday, so you direct your brain to think in a positive way and this helps to improve the quality of life and convert negative thoughts into positive ones

    – Size: 4×3
    – Wooden stand included

  • Mixed Card Set  1,000.00

    Emergency card stash!

    We all have a special occasion pop up that you may or may not have forgot about (don’t lie, we all do it). So say hello to your emergency stash of cards that don’t look like a gas station pick up. Unique in design with blank internals, you can use these for whatever occasion you “didn’t forgot about”.

    – 10 mailer cards
    – 4 designs
    – 4×3 inches
    – Blank inside

    Designs Include:
    – 3 Congrats
    – 3 Thank you
    – 3 Happy that thing you’re celebrating
    – 1 Blank

  • Muslim Baby Milestone Cards  2,250.00

    From arrival to the first step capture all the ‘Masha’Allah’ and ‘Alhamdulillah’ moments of your baby with these Muslim baby milestone cards.

    his set of milestone cards are a perfect gift idea featuring cute illustrations. They are 24 cards in a pack. They are approx. A6 in size and made with love on 350gsm card.

    Each pack contains:
    – Salam World Baby Arrival
    – 1, 2, 3 Weeks
    – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Months
    – My First Birthday, Masha’Allah
    – Today I Rolled Over, Masha’Allah
    – Today I Sat Up, Masha’Allah
    – Today I Crawled, Masha’Allah
    – Today I Took My First Step, Masha’Allah
    – Today I Got My First Tooth, Masha’Allah
    – Today I Said my First Word, Masha’Allah
    – Today Is My First Ramadan, Alhamdulillah
    – Today Is My First Eid, Alhamdulillah

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    Personalised Baby Name Frame  2,500.00

    Decorate the baby’s room with these beautifully illustrated name frames personalised with your baby’s name.

    Size: A4
    Paper: 260gsm
    Frame: white

  • Postpartum Affirmations  1,000.00

    Why are affirmation cards helpful?

    When we practice positive affirmations, we have the ability to change our perception, which can change our thought life, which can change our brain, which can change our reality. That’s POWERFUL!

    Recent research shows that the words we speak can actually help reprogram our subconscious mind. According to a Neuroscientist at Thomas Jefferson University “a single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.” How amazing!

    So the way you speak to and about yourself directly influences how you FEEL. To keep our minds healthy, it is helpful to speak positive affirmations daily. But speaking positive affirmations takes PRACTICE. Let these affirmation cards help.

    Specific Uses:
    + “daily draws”: I recommend picking one to read first thing each morning, throughout the day, and again before you go to bed each night.
    + “weekly draws”: choose a card to focus on that week
    + journal prompts
    + bookmarks
    + gifts
    + [practical] home decor
    + place in your car, purse, mirror, desk, or anywhere you will see frequently throughout your day
    + Use them however you like!

    This set includes:
    + 7 affirmation cards
    + size: approx 6×4 inches
    + printed on 100 lb. cardstock

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    Sibling Coupons  1,000.00

    These love coupons are perfect for your sister or brother. It includes 18 fun, funny love coupons. It’s a sweet, quirky idea for him or her. Each card includes estimated date and time along with multiple choice, fill in the blank or other options.

    Show them you love them even though you fight, argue, love, hate each other they mean a lot to you. This is a gift that you may regret giving, but your sibling will go crazy over.

    Disclaimer:Product Colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your device settings.

    10 in stock (can be backordered)

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